08 August 2009

Florida's summary of thumbnails

Our exhausted selves have finally adjusted from the funeral/honeymoon/interview sequence, and a few thank-you notes from the receptions have even been sent. Meanwhile we've managed to somewhat keep this blog updated - but now the effort is focused on trip lists and what actually happened.

The first honeymoon picture of the happy couple:

So here's the summary of Waco-to-Waco events, per my list of scribbles:

* thumbnails are not in chronological order, nor with geographic fidelity, apologies!

Th/23 - Waco to Abilene, for Laura's visitation
Fr/24 - Laura's funeral, then to Dallas

Sa/25 - DAL to Tampa, then to Boca Grande - Gray Kingbird (Fish Crow earlier for Matt)

Gray Kingbird, Fish Crow, conch

Su/26 - Oscar Scherer State Park - FL Scrub Jay
Mayakka River State Park - Limpkin

Florida Scrub Jay, Limpkin, brunette & redbeard

Mo/27 - Harns Marsh - Snail Kite, more Limpkin

juv. Snail Kite, adult Snail Kite, Apple Snail shell

and on to FL city (heard BWVI)

Neon Skimmer, creepy Florida Panther sculpture, the Skunk-Ape Research HQ

Tu/28 - FL City/Everglades National Park - Common Mynah (life bird for me), Western Spindalis, White-crowned Pigeon (life bird for Matt)

Edit: the Western Spindalis has its own post and so does the Bald Eagle with a transmitter that we saw in the afternoon

Palamedes Swallowtail, brunette & redbeard, Florida Panther x-ing

brunette & redbeard, grassy waters, Zebra Heliconian larvae

We/29 - Key Largo - Black-whiskered Vireo

Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park (DJKLHBSP) *whew*
...a condo development that got canned =)

Everglades NP, Shiny Cowbird
back to Boca Grande

starfruit, jackfruit, redbeard & brunette

Th/30 - Boca Grande

Osprey, Gopher Tortoise, Mangrove Skipper

Gasparilla SP's lighthouse, redbeard & brunette, flowers

White-tipped Black Moth, its larvae, orange pineapple & mango cheesecake ice cream!

Fr/31 - Boca Grade

Mangrove Buckeye, Snowy Egret, Brown Pelican

old Gasparilla railroad tracks, Matt & Gopher Tortoise, FL Scrub Jay x-ing


Sa/1 - Boca Grande to Harns Marsh to Lee County Manatee Park
to Tampa, back to Dallas

Snail Kite tail feather & midden, the marsh

gettin' kissy, manatee propaganda

White Peacock, the power plant, path markings

Su/2 - spent the day in Dallas with cousins and then drove back to Waco


  1. Wow! I need to go on a second honeymoon. I have not even heard of some of these birds. Nice pics.

  2. Collins, I'm sure it would get you a ton of brownie points ;-) I'll have to bombard you with the whole slideshow next trip - there's even some manatee footage!