29 August 2009

SW thumbs, day 5, part 2

...day 5, part 1 last showed the coils of silver before they headed to the basement. Then it was time for heating, squeezing, more heating and adding flux so the solder would stick.

It was quite similar to observing a mad genius, except for the mad part...

After a bit more poking and prodding (read: soldering), we got to play with rings 1.0

It was enough to catch a glimpse of the final, snag-free design... but first, some cutting.

Cutting served two purposes: re-sizing and snag-proofing.

More cutting, some gentle squishing. Then back to the heat, solder, less than cooperative seams, slightly more cooperative seams...

Add a bit of buffing and here's a comparison (buffed vs. raw)

At last, both rings were reasonably cooperative, the ring-maker was convinced to polish his prototype ring, and we paused for a family portrait:

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