27 August 2009

SW thumbs, day 2

Having survived our first night in the dry air, Matt and I were treated to a morning adventure at the local farmers' market. The Santa Fe Railyard is undergoing an inspiring revival on a social, community, environmental and overall brilliant scale. It has trains (passenger ones!) that function regularly - and is turning into quite the pedestrian hub. The cool morning, freshly baked goods, fresh fruit and scattered musicians really made me feel like I was at a European market. Sigh.

the cousin-in-law, cousinlet, the SF railyard tower

After marketing and lunching and admiring locally produced yogurts and cheeses, we snuck away so the cousinlet could nap. Our afternoon meanderings took us to Randall Davey Audubon Center & Sanctuary, which borders other protected lands (in the 1930s someone must have trespassed or something, because the watershed area has been off-limits ever since).

habitat, rock squirrel & mule deer, observer of junipers

Randall Davey Audubon center has an absolutely delicious butterfly/hummingbird garden near the education building and visitor's center, so even if it's too hot or late or inconvenient to trek the trails, there's quite a lot of activity before the trail head. Due to the tract being an old homestead, there's even a tremendous historical presence with the old residence, courtyard areas, lawn and giant cottonwood trees to wander beneath. It was in the lawn area where we saw our first Williamson's Sapsucker (Sphyrapicus thyroideus), though we were unable to get a photo.

camel cricket (Ceuthophilus spp), Ichneumon spp, peculiar creatures

infographics - the one at right is full of "graphic novel" style enthusiasm

As for that window picture below, there's a decal (ineffective) and quite a strong reflection... but really, when am I ever on vacation and not taking pictures of shiny windows? At least there were no bodies. Aside from windows, the trails at RDA are also of great interest. The trails start just beyond the admin buildings and offer little shade, but there are scattered benches and gems of wisdom, such as the Shelley quote below. Yes, I was thinking of Laura. Delight is such a wonderful word, even if it often hides under the umbrella of "joy" (not that "joy" casts a shadow).

"For love and beauty and delight, There is no death nor change." - Shelley

Another feast with the family, cool night with dry air, and day 2 found its end.

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