28 August 2009

SW thumbs, day 4

You might recall about a month ago there was a post about our nephew, Oliver, taking over the internet. Well, he's still at it. This time he got to meet his new cousin, though. So while Oliver garbled at his new cousinlet, she squirmed... and my sister kept Oliver stable and the cousin propped up the cousinlet. I took pictures and chuckled.

a reunion of cousins

...yes, we figured out the full-screen chat option, just so two infants could sputter at each other and thrash the keyboards soundly.

After everyone was herded away for their naps and thoroughly rested, there was this matter of everyone going to visit Grandma. Everyone. So we bundled up the cousinlet, cousin-in-law, cousin and the puppy... and Grandma fed us the most delicious kebabs ever. And I got to play with Grandma's puppy, the 10 year old westie.

carpooling with a 5 year old puppy to Grandma's house

There's a bit of digital camera confusion here, so I apologize. I'm quite certain that these moth pictures are from day 5, but since day 5 will be full of rings anyway, these lovely "mothtuids" (moth + noctuid, even though they're not all noctuids) will get lumped into day 4. Besides, my camera was chewing on a new battery and still thought that day 5 was day 4 anyway. Among other things, this day 4/5 was when my altitude adjustment kicked in at 1 am and those delicious kebabs became an offering to the porcelain goddess.

Adobe = fun for moths, even if the time stamp might be confused. Here are a few midday finds:

mystery moth and exposed bird dropping moth

I find it fascinating that only one of the moths we found even looked remotely like the adobe that it was on - everyone else looked like they'd be more at home on juniper bark.

closeup of first mystery moth, more mystery moths

In true time confusion, here's a look at the backyard sanctuary and its evening invader... no, the statue of Mary did nothing to spare Matt from having a mantis investigate his shoe and then pant leg.

Also in honor of time stamp confusion, I present an evening's find after a visit to Randall Davey Audubon... a very skittish bullsnake (Pituophis catenifer sayi) and a very freshly deceased checkered garter snake (Thamnophis marcianus). Pretty sure we were there on day 5, but that's ok.

At some point, "day 5" will be the completion of the smeagol post, in which you were all exposed to a very glowy preciousss.

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